POST FIFTY-TWO – TOP 5 of 2009 – 23/12/09
December 23, 2009, 8:26 am
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Here are some of my favourite things from 2009, some of them (such as music albums) weren’t released this year, but I only heard/saw them this year. So it might be better to call it ‘this year’s inspirations’.

Released this year:

The Appleseed Cast – Sagarmartha-
Mew – No More Stories Are Told Today, I’m Sorry, They Washed Away-
Paper Route – Absence-
Passion Pit – Manners-
Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix-

Discovered this year:

Francis and the Lights – A Modern Promise/Striking
Kanye West – 808s & Heartbreak
M83 – Before the Dawn Heals Us


Appleseed Cast – The Summer Before
Passion Pit – Moth’s Wings
Francis & The Lights – The Top
M83 – Teen Angst
Paper Route – Last Time

Moments/Significant Happenings:

“I do” – Wedding 16/8/09
“Goodbye” – Moving to New Zealand 20/8/09
Cat giving me a Macbook Pro for my birthday
Finishing Infinite Jest
Finishing my Grad. Dip in Graphic Design


Infinite Jest – David Foster Wallace
Pagan Christianity – George Barna, Frank Viola
This Is Water – David Foster Wallace
Life After God – Douglas Coupland
From Eternity To Here – Frank Viola


RMIT – Contextual Studies Reader
RMIT – Type & Identity Mini-Site – John Francis and many others who inspired me


facebook – my website – shameless self promotion i know, but it’s my first website proper


Man On Wire
A Guide To Recognising Your Saints
Revolutionary Road
Jerry Mcguire

That’s everything! I could’ve covered some other things but didn’t have the time.
I will be creating a new blog early in the new year and it will be hosted on my own website, which will be reflecting some new changes.

December 11, 2009, 8:28 am
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Really liking the song ‘Cemetery’ by Say Anything.

Some of the lyrics towards the end of the song:

When I face the one who made
My disgusting heart from a lump of clay
Should he ask what got me through
If he asks me, it was you.

POST FIFTY – TIRED – 15/11/09
November 15, 2009, 9:48 am
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50 posts. yay.

not the happiest one today.

realised i have a massive insecurity that stems out of a whole bunch of issues and at particular times it flares up and basically shuts me down.


November 10, 2009, 3:53 pm
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The events of the last few weeks has taught me the following:

I only care about ideas like Hell or abstract, high concept ideas when everything is going peachy.

The rest of the time I’m trying to make things peachy again.

Life is never 100% peachy, we just like to gloss over the other stuff.

Who cares if the local church does their offering in a way that causes guilt for some people, if our lives are stuffed up.

Maybe we care about these things because they make things less than peachy. No one likes to be disturbed.

Perspective is a funny thing: Happy poor people vs. unhappy wealthy people.

October 13, 2009, 12:44 pm
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Apart from the fact that there’s a pizza franchise called Hell, I’ve been thinking about the idea of Hell – the spiritual ‘place’.

Does it exist? Who goes there?

I hope it doesn’t exist but I have a terrible feeling it does.

If we assume that Hitler is going to Hell, then what is stopping me from going there? What criteria is used? Even the Bible implies that we’ll be surprised by who ‘gets in’ and who is ‘left out’ of Heaven.

What measure of Justice does God use? Does God exist? If the earth is outside of God, in order for us to have free will, then why would we be disciplined for that which we’ve done outside of his jurisdiction?

Will God hold Western nations who claim Christianity as their own guilty for all the ethical and moral failures in dealing with others?

Does this parable negate the idea of there being levels in Heaven? i.e. more goodness gets you into a higher ‘level’ of Heaven, less goodness means you get Heaven Lite?

Does this parable imply that the sort of God we believe in is the sort of God we’ll face in ‘the end’? I.e. believe in a graceful God, you get grace. believe in a harsh, judgemental God, you get harsh judgements? What beliefs about God stop us from achieving and from trying to better the lives of those around us?

Does this parable imply that abstract belief is like an oil lamp, but that being filled with the Spirit is the oil? Therefore implying that only those who are Spirit filled go to Heaven? And does the parable imply that there is a cut off time for being filled with the Spirit, which stops people from learning from their mistake?

Does this parable advise us from getting too caught up with earthly things? And again is there room for people to learn from their mistakes?

Sometimes I feel like the lost sheep in this parable but I don’t feel like God actually does anything to come and get me.

And why do Christians get so caught up in being pure and righteous through their own strength when they’ve been made righteous through Christ. It says God celebrates more for someone becoming a new or re-dedicated Christian than he does for the Christian who doesn’t need to repent, and that the payment for both workers is equal. Does this mean that a Free-Pass into Heaven is all that we’re after? Will God actually care about the Christian who doesn’t do a thing to help his fellow man, as long as he believes? If Hitler repented (most would add – sincerely – before the ‘r’ word), would he be paid the gift of eternal life in Heaven? As Christians we say yes, but then ask – where is the justice? I’ll finish with this thought – if you make it to Heaven, will people ask ‘where is the justice?’

September 29, 2009, 10:33 am
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Am currently reading Sex God by Rob Bell, and there are a lot of points he makes that I’ve made in a previous post. Weird.

I think it’s an exciting time to be a “Christian” right now. whatever that means.


First things first:

So I have heard a few people make disparaging remarks about postmodernism as a world-view. Only Christians though, I should say. I know that Christians don’t like the idea of there not being absolute truth. I think they don’t like the idea of not being able to claim to have the absolute truth more. In any case, Postmodernism presents Christianity with a beautiful challenge: Rather than Christians being lazy and claiming to have the only truth, we now need to prove by way of action that Christianity is the best truth.

Anyway, enough about that. The past week was spent doing housework, listening to music, listening to new music, applying for jobs, doing a bit of exercise, cooking, learning how to be productive without a job, exploring the city, meeting people and getting into a (hopefully) temporary routine.

Have been continuing to read Infinite Jest, as well as a book on the Fundamentals of Graphic Design to refresh what I already know. Once IJ is finished I can get onto The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet. Can’t wait.

Will probably have to change my website + branding soon, initial versions were rushed and not very well thought out. Unfortunate but true! Oh well, means that I can really get into it properly while still applying for jobs using the old stuff.

Had a look around the city the other day and went to the Waikato Museum. Pretty good for how big it is. And not lacking in technology either. Top notch I reckon, but I’m hardly an expert in Museums!

Kiwis are incredibly patriotic. Well they don’t actually think so but there are a lot of Aussie-bashing advertisements around, not to mention the amount of corporate logos that somehow incorporate the fern! Too bad the Wallabies lost (though I didn’t get treated too badly!), but the Diamonds won so apparently that evens things out, even if noone really follows the netball in Australia. Oh well.

We bought some mountain bikes the other day. I’m looking forward to riding them next to the Waikato River. Beautiful down there. Also had a quick visit to the Hamilton Gardens which is stunning. And everyone was there having a good time at Sunday lunchtime so I reckon that’s a good thing too.

Next things to do for Benjamin are to re-design my folio and then logo/branding, then get my folio printed and personally go to design businesses and harass them either for a job or for an internship. Also I’ll probably be starting to learn guitar soon. Yay!

Music recs: Sufjan Stevens – The BQE (officially coming out in late October), Kid Cudi – Man on the Moon – The End of Day, Francis and the Lights, and Monsters of Folk.

Until next time.


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